15 04 2012

GameStop “patteggia” per i giochi usati

Alcuni clienti, che avevano fatto causa alla catena per l’online pass, riceveranno un credito di 15 dollari

GameStop ha trovato un accordo per concludere la causa che alcuni clienti americani avevano intentato accusando la catena di non aver sufficientemente spiegato che alcuni titoli usati necessitano di un pagamento aggiuntivo (l’Online Pass) per poterne usufruire pienamente. I negozi californiani della catena avranno cartelli in cui si avvisano clienti che alcuni DLC richiedono un ulteriore acquisto. I clienti qualificati riceveranno quindi un rimborso consistente di un assegno di 10 dollari e un buono da 5 dollari (oppure un assegno da 5 dollari e un buono da 10 dollari se non sono membri del programma Power Up Rewards)

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Ecatombe Annunciata

29 03 2012

E’ brutto, terribilmente brutto, ma…..io ve l’avevo detto

Chiusi 277 negozi di Game

Tra Gamestation e Game sono stati persi 2.144 posti di lavoro in UK

Dei 609 negozi britannici della catena Game (che include anche l’insegna Gamestation), 277 sono stati chiusi, tra cui quasi tutti quelli situati in Irlanda, a causa della gravissima crisi economica che la catena sta vivendo. MCV ha riportato la lista completa dei punti vendita chiusi, per un totale di 2.144 licenziamenti, specificando che se non si troverà al più presto un possibile acquirente altre chiusure potranno verificarsi.

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GAME suspends shares as it says no equity is left in the group

UK entertainment retailer GAME has suspended its shares from trading on the London Stock Exchange as its financial situation worsens. The company issued a statement in which it said: “The Board now considers itself to be unable to assess the business’ financial position and is of the opinion that there is no equity value left in the group.” The company and its lenders will now be hoping that a bidder comes forward for its business, which comprises more than 1,300 stores including approximately 600 in the UK.

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GAME on the brink of administration

UK-based GAME’s troubles have worsened as the group admits that it has not been possible to source new products from a number of suppliers. According to MCV, the entertainment retailer told senior members of its management team over the weekend that it has approximately two weeks to turn around its fortunes or face administration. In the meantime, the company is reducing prices and continuing discussions with companies interested in its overseas operations.

GAME issued the following statement: “Further to GAME’s announcement of 29 February 2012 and recent press speculation, the group confirms that it remains in discussions with its suppliers and lenders in relation to terms of trade that allow the business to operate within the facility provided by its banking syndicate, as announced on 3 February 2012, and to meet its revised strategic plan. While these discussions are on-going, it has not been possible to source new products from a number of suppliers. The Board of GAME is working actively to resolve these issues as quickly as possible. This includes on-going discussions with suppliers, seeking access to the original facility or alternative sources of funding and reviewing the position of all of its assets in the UK and international territories. It is uncertain whether any of the solutions currently being explored by the Board will be successful or will result in any value being attributed to the shares of the company.”

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Ne Resterà Soltanto Uno

12 03 2012

GAME to exit COMET shops while GAMESTOP eyes its international stores

08 March 2012 

UK-based GAME is to end its partnership with consumer electronics retailer Comet as part of its store closure programme, Retail Week reports. GAME confirmed that it will divest its six Comet concessions later this year. Meanwhile the company is continuing to hold talks with bidders for its international business which it put up for sale last month. It is understood that GAME adviser Rothschild met with US retailer GameStop last week. GameStop is thought to be interested in acquiring parts of GAME’s international business, particularly its operations in Iberia.

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Quando la GD diventa piccola

3 03 2012

GAME misses Mass Effect 3 launch as supplier becomes cautious

UK-based GAME has confirmed it will not be stocking the new role-playing game Mass Effect 3 when it launches next week after failing to agree to credit terms with producer Electronic Arts (EA). This has led to further speculation as to the future of the troubled retailer which also recently failed to stock Wii RPG The Last Story, Tekken 3DS and Ubisoft’s PlayStation Vita launch line-up.

The entertainment retailer is in the process of conducting a strategic review of its business after like-for-like sales slumped 15.2% in the eight weeks to 7 January 2012. The company issued a statement on its website saying: “The high street is having a tough time at the moment because people have less money to spend. We’re doing as much as we can to give our customers the widest possible range during this time, but as flagged before, we need our partners’ help in order to do this. We want to be in a position where we’re selling as much of their products as we possibly can. We need their help to do this and that’s what we’re working on at the moment.”

A spokesman for EA told The Guardian that GAME’s challenges with several of its suppliers was “regrettable” but pointed out that Mass Market 3 would be widely available elsewhere.

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Viva l’indipendenza, Viva FUEL OVERDOSE

25 02 2012

Sarà che quando sento parlare di sviluppatori indipendenti inizio ad emozionarmi come un bambino, quest’oggi preferisco sottrarre un po’ di spazio ai sottocosto ed ai paladini del day-one braker per inoltrarvi questo simpatico press kit oltre ad un paio di informazioni su I-FRIQIYA ed il loro imminente FUEL OVERDOSE, gioco in digital delivery per PC e PS3.

TOKYO (February 24th, 2012), I-Friqiya is today proud and happy to announce the upcoming release of its first game, Fuel Overdose, on Playstation3 (SEN/PSN) and PC (digital distribution). In development for 18 months the game is expected to debut on PlaystationNetwork by the spring of 2012.

What is Fuel Overdose?

Fans of action racing games for ages, we have played a lot of them over the last 15 years and we started our journey wanting to bring back a certain idea of the genre but also to propose something completely new and fresh. We focused our efforts on trying to provide innovative and fun action/combat game mechanics and bring in a tactical touch to the genre.

Put simply, we like to think of Fuel Overdose as a “Tactical- Action-Racing” game:

Action: From the large array of upgradable weapons one can expect for such a game, Fuel Overdose also features innovative and fun weapons and game mechanics such as a grapple that can be used both offensively and defensively, bomb detonators along the road, and a whole fighting system that offers unique skills moves and attacks to each character of the game.

Tactical: With Fuel Overdose, the choices made before and during the race have a real impact on your chances of success. The game leaves no room for luck and features a resource management system for the vehicles and weaponry, a super/ultra attack gauge inherited from the versus fighting genre as well as auction events than can bring a decisive edge to win races.

Racing: Fuel Overdose is not a combat-arena game, it is, as its core, a racing game that requires driving skills and that allows and values different racing styles and a diverse garage of vehicles, themselves all customizable to improve their driving and performance.

Who is I-Friqiya?

Created in 2010 I-Friqiya was born from the desire to develop independent games for the digital market.

Having all worked in large video game companies and big studios, we believed that a small and focused development team could bring something more to the table, namely a very focused production and an editorial line that could be held without compromise or concessions.

The project and studio developed around a multicultural team of European and Japanese talents:

Jérôme took on the tasks of game design, level design, programming, and also crafted the full scenario and universe of the game.

Ryo is the graphic design and artist behind all the graphics and animations in the game, from tracks to vehicles and all the way down to the HUD.

Hideyuki is the second artist on the game and he specifically focused his time and talent on all the character designs than can be seen in the game.

Skander and Aroun are both co-founders of I-Friqiya and are the producers of Fuel Overdose.


Make it a Blockbuster Night

24 02 2012

BLOCKBUSTER to close 500 stores
24 February 2012

US-based Blockbuster has announced its results for the year to 31 December 2011, confirming it plans to close 500 underperforming rental stores during the first half of 2012. This number accounts for approximately one-third of the company’s US store portfolio.

Blockbuster’s new parent company Dish Network reported an 11% increase in net sales for its full year 2011 to USD14.05 billion. Consolidated from 26 April, Blockbuster contributed USD975 million in revenue and USD4 million in net income during the period. The company ended the year with USD196.8 million in inventory.

Dish Network said that the store closures would have little impact on Blockbuster’s business as they related to outlets with favourable termination rights. The company said it would continue to view Blockbuster as a separate business and evaluate its performance going forward. Dish Executive Vice President of Corporate Development Tom Cullen told investors: “It’s a work in progress. We have a low tolerance for losses.”

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Butto dentro anche questa, già che ci sono.

GAME to close Gameplay website and 35 UK stores
23 February 2012

UK entertainment retailer GAME is to close down its Gameplay e-commerce site and will shut a further 35 stores in its domestic market, MCV reports. Gameplay was acquired in 2004 but is said to have become a forgotten brand by the games specialist, which will redirect customers to its Gamestation site following the closure. Meanwhile, the company has revealed another 35 UK units will be closed as part of its cost-saving programme, which aims to reduce GAME’s store count from 610 to 550 by Christmas 2013.

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Video Mania Volume……(boh non ricordo!)

28 01 2012

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